Welcome To My Blog. I Am Prax. Prax Is Good.

molemanfilmHello there,

I’m Prax. You might be wondering who I am, or what this is. But probably not, since it’s unlikely that you’ll ever see this unless I directly linked you to it.

To put it bluntly, I am a bit of a writer, and this is my blog. This is where I will write stuff and brazenly post it for all to see. You might know me from BetterWithPopcorn.com, where I cover TV, movies, video games and the like (or maybe from back in the day on TheCheckingLine.com, the hockey blog I used to run, or maybe you didn’t know I did any of that stuff!). BWP is still a thing, and you can find regular, weekly reviews over there, but as of late I’ve felt as if I’ve had more to say that may or may not fit onto a pop culture website. Politics, current events, general life stuff, and maybe most importantly creative writing. I’ve always done that kind of stuff over the years, be it on social media or in my private life, so I thought it might make sense to start sharing it.

BWP will continue to live. I’ll try and do a weekly post rounding up everything going on over there, otherwise keep going there. Please. I have a family to feed.

This blog, on the other hand, is no holds barred. It’s offbeat, it’s random, it’s everything and anything I want to talk about. If you is all about offbeat and off-topic stuff. We’ll start slow with some musings, and eventually, once I grow a pair, you might get to see my creative side. You wouldn’t like my creative side. Movie references.

So enjoy, and hit me up on Twitter if you want, @TVsGeorgePrax.



PS: I already regret saying tootles.

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